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To calculate the required quantity, we first need to know 2 things. Size of the area to be installed, and the size of the area a piece of product will cover.

For instance, let’s say you wish to cover a 3m wide and 2.4m high wall with 500x500mm boards. The area of the wall will be 3x2.4=7.2㎡, and the area of the board is 0.5x0.5=0.25㎡ (1m=1000mm)

Divide the area of the wall with the area of the board, 7.2÷0.25=28.8 which means you need 28.8 peaces of 500x500mm boards.

You can’t buy 0.8piece of board, so the quantity you need to order will be 29pieces.

Theoretically, 29pieces will be enough.

But actually, you may want to buy 30pieces.

You need 6 pieces horizontally for covering 3m width (3÷0.5=6), 4 rows vertically + 1 row with 500x400mm boards.

Unless you want to cover one part of the area with patchwork of 100x500mm strips, this means you actually need 30pieces of 500x500 boards and cut 6 pieces into 400x500mm size.

Below is the calculated area of each size groups of our products

400x600mm=0.24 ㎡

500x500mm=0.25 ㎡

600x600mm=0.36 ㎡

500x1000mm=0.5 ㎡

600x1200mm=0.75 ㎡

1000x2000mm= 2㎡

If you want to soundproof a total room, calculate the area of 4 walls and the ceiling.

Remember to add 5~10% extra from the area you get from the calculation.

Or you can send us the detail plans of the room, or the measurement and photos of the room, we can do the calculation for you, and even provide a draft proposal of how to decorate by arranging different colors or patterns.